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August 5, 2011

Unique feature of MM Powerplus electrical busway

In the electrical busway market, there are two kinds of conductor configurations: the single bar per phase and the multi-bar per phase system. The single bar design is very compact. The overall size (casing plus conductor) takes up significantly less space than the multi-bar system, particularly in the higher ratings. There are additional benefits of using a single bar per phase system. It is so much lighter than the multi-bar system, especially its casing is 100% aluminum. This not only makes the installation so much easier, it requires less work for termination. All these space and work savings translate into profits for developers and contractors. MM Powerplus busway came from the original design of BICC. Its single bar per phase with finned aluminum casing fully complies with the latest IEC testing standards.
MM Powerplus Busway Limited is a leading manufacturer of electrical busway since 1996. An international company with its manufacturing facility located in Macau, MM Powerplus Busway have since been supplying its electrical products to most of the local and foreign owned casinos. These casinos operate 7 x 24 and open 365 days a year. Their products are also installed in data centers as well as MTR projects such as: Equinix in Global Gateway, Barclays Bank in Cheung Kong Center, Deutsche Bank in ICC, Singapore Telecom and Singapore MRT. Over the years, besides focusing in Macau, MM Powerplus Busway have also been awarded for many icon projects (hotels, shopping malls, high rise commercial and residential developments) from well-known developers in Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East. In addition, MM Powerplus Busway products have been approved by many international M & E consultants such as: Parsons Brinckerhoff, JRP, Meinhardt, Ove Arup, DSCO, and WSP.

Single bar system

MMí»s single bar per phase requires
one termination and less space

 Multi-bar system

Other Multi bar per phase
busways require two to three
terminations and more space.

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