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May 6, 2019

Zhuhai Lianzhou Airport officially opened
The new Zhuhai Lianzhou General Aviation Airport (Class A1) was completed in fall 2018 and declared officially opened on May 1, 2019. It is also the home base of Xiangtai Airlines. According to Mr Chen Demin, Director and General Manager of Xiangtai Airlines, the airport is open to the public and provides a wide range of services including flight training course, low altitude flight for sightseeing, aircrafts maintenance, aircraft assembling, flight test, land survey and other usages etc.
     Developed by Zhuhai Aviation City and Airport Group, the new airport is located at Doumen, approximately 40 km from Gongbei, the CBD of Zhuhai. Phase 1 construction of the airport commenced in 2016 with the completion of a 900 m x 30 m runway and auxiliary facilities in December 2018. It is planned that the runway will be extended to 1,800 m, which could accommodate Boeing 737 upon completion of the phase 2 development.


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